This house believes that open technology and standards have widened social injustice.

Doors open at 7pm, debate starts at 8pm.

Any profits from ticket sales for the debate will be donated to the Big Issue Foundation. To support their work directly, please make a donation through their donation page.

Big Issue Foundation

“The Big Issue Foundation is a financially independent charity. We believe in a ‘hand up and not a hand out’ and recognise that earning an income is a key step in a person’s journey towards stability and a better life. Achieving something for yourself is 100% more empowering than having it done for you.

The Big Issue offers the incentive of earning an income; it means that we engage with a number of individuals who are not seen by other services or projects. We work exclusively with Big Issue vendors, people who are excluded from mainstream society, financially impoverished and disadvantaged in multiple ways. We seek to address the fundamental issues attached to social and financial exclusion through the provision of concrete support to change lives for good.”